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     RMA Policy
  1. Go to the following link (click here) and fill in the form
  2. Our RMA team will get back to you with an RMA number.
  3. Please send the faulty units with the RMA number to your local office in the US, Europe, or Seoul. 
  4. We will repair them and send back to you.


  • DOA*
If the faulty items are DOA (Dead on Arrival), we will collect the item and send a new one at no cost to you.
  • Within Warranty
If the faulty items are within warranty, the units need to be shipped to your local office** at your expense and we will repair them and ship them back at our cost.
  • Out of Warranty
If the faulty items are out of warranty, all the costs incurred, including two-way shipping and repair, will be at your expense. You will be notified of the repair charges when our RMA team receives the items.
  • No Fault Found
If an item is returned and found to be working correctly, UDP will refurbish, upgrade to the latest software, and return the units to you. The two-way shipping cost will be your responsibility and along with an additional $50/unit to cover the testing costs, etc.

*   The above DOA terms will apply if the fault is reported within 30 days of shipping date.
** PC DVR cards and NVE/IPC series will be sent to our Korean RMA Team, otherwise all the procedures remain the same as above.


  1. Click Here
  2. Please fill out all fields; any missed or incorrect information could result in delays.
  3. If there is more than one item, click the "ADD+" button as shown below.

  4. You will see an additional box as shown below.

  5. Click "Submit" when all items are added and information is complete and accurate.
RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) policy to assure product quality and to support customers.
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