UDP Technology
UDP has a dedicated Technical Support and Communications (TSC) team to support any technical issues our customers may have. Our TSC team covers

- Successful integration between your systems and our products/solutions
- A thorough understand of the features and benefits of the SDK
- Support and guidance on integration of products and use of the SDK
- Dedicated technical support team worldwide
- Pre-sales and post-sales resources
- Technical documents including manuals and specification sheet


You need to sign up first to submit a request.

All your support incident shall be registered via the link below:

You can follow the progress of all your requests by logging into the UDP Technical Support Portal (http://udptech.zendesk.com) and viewing "Check your existing requests":

Once you submited a request via the Technical Support Portal, a dedicated technical support engineer will get back to you as soon as possible. Our response times are dependent upon the severity of the reported incident and the level of support requested.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) policy to assure product quality and to support customers.
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